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Launching TestGrid Public Cloud to Revolutionize the Testing Market

Launching TestGrid Public Cloud to Revolutionize the Testing Market

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Tahera Alam
·Aug 10, 2022·

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Hey Fellas,

Today marks an absolute milestone for team TestGrid, I am super stoked to announce the launch of TestGrid Public Cloud today.

The TestGrid platform was created to address the key problem for developers & testers i:e one platform for all testing needs. TestGrid allows users to build, test, manage & execute their test cases on cloud or on-premise in a scriptless manner.

We have been revolutionising the testing market for over six years and in this journey, we have only focused on one thing that is customer satisfaction. Today we act on what our customers asked and after six months of brewing, we have the public real device cloud-ready for our users.

The aim of launching the public cloud is simple, we wanted to disrupt the mobile/website testing market by bringing a platform for end-to-end testing. Users can perform both scriptless automation & manual testing on real devices along with performance and API testing.

TestGrid public cloud offers a combination of real devices & browsers to help users test their mobile application and website on cloud yet getting 100% real user experience.

With the TestGrid public cloud users can perform manual testing in three simple steps i:e ‘Select device, Upload app/add URL, and Start Testing’.

The platform can also help users automate their testing in a scriptless manner and speed up their testing process by executing tests in parallel.

TestGrid platform can be used to perform end-to-end testing be it a mobile app, website, performance, security testing, API etc. helping users in their digital transformation journey.

All You Need to Know About TestGrid Public Cloud

With TestGrid Public Cloud You Can Perform:

1. Cross Browser Testing

Users can test their websites on real devices on the cloud across various desktop and mobile browsers or OS combinations to offer the best UI/UX to their customers.

2. Mobile App Testing

Test your mobile applications on thousands of real devices linked to carrier networks, and drive more sales by developing a cutting-edge mobile application for your users.

3. Performance Testing

One-stop platform for end-to-end application performance testing using a single framework.

4. API Testing

TestGrid API Testing is light-weight, web-based API development suite with a minimalistic UI design which is 70% faster than the traditional API automation process

5. Network Level Testing and more

Test your network simulation on TestGrid public cloud, users can simulate their network and test it in various conditions gaining real-world user experience.

How TestGrid Public Cloud is Different:

Public Cloud Pricing

Feel free to give a shot at our amazing platform developed for agile teams. Your first 200 minutes are on us!

Public Cloud — Web & Mobile Automation

Freemium Plan — 1 device/browser (200 minutes/month)

Start End-To-End Testing On Real Devices For FREE

Public Cloud — Web & Mobile Automation

$49/month — 1 device/browser

Private Dedicated Device

Starts at $49/month

Start free testing here.

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